Traffic Ticket Attorney (CDL)

Beat your Kern County Speeding & Other Traffic Tickets with a local Kern County (including Lamont, Mojave & Shafter) traffic ticket attorney – CDL!

Attorney Phillip Gillet is a traffic ticket attorney fighting CDL and non commercial driver tickets with his primary office is in Bakersfield, California.   He serves as a Judge Pro Tem in the traffic division of the Kern County Superior Court.  He has presided at courts in the county seat, Bakersfield, and Lamont.  So, he knows the law and how to successfully represent clients in beating their traffic tickets.

To fight and beat a Lamont, Mojave, Bakersfield speeding or other traffic ticket requires intimate knowledge of the local judges and officers.

In order to effectively represent clients in traffic cases, it is important to use a local attorney that knows the judges and knows the officers.  This local knowledge of the traffic system allows Attorney Gillet to make the arguments that each judge will find compelling, and not make those that will not work.  In addition, this local knowledge of California Highway Patrol Officers, and local police and Kern County Sherriff’s officers allows Mr. Gillet to know each officer’s strengths, weaknesses and tendencies.  This local knowledge allows Attorney Gillet to know when the officers might be willing to deal to a reduced charge on the ticket.  Local knowledge of each judge’s particular legal opinions gives Attorney Gillet the insight to know when it is best to cut a deal with the officer as well.  If you have received a Lamont, Shafter, Mojave, Delano or Bakersfield traffic ticket for any of the following violations: misdemeanor and infraction speeding (exceeding 65, 70 or 100 mph), out of lane, log book violations, red light violations, unsafe turns, driving on the wrong side of the street, failure to stop, unsafe driver, you should call Attorney Gillet immediately. In most cases, he can get your violation reduced or dismissed. In other cases, he can see that you receive traffic school or a no-point violation, which keeps the violation off your DMV record and prevents your insurance company from raising its rates.  The no-point offenses are especially important for driver’s with commercial driver’s licenses (CDL).

Attorney Phillip Gillet Beats Kern County Traffic & Speeding Tickets from Lamont, Mojave, Shafter, Delano and Bakersfield.

Regardless of the type of ticket-speeding or other traffic-you’ve received, if it’s a Lamont, Shafter, Mojave, Delano or Bakersfield traffic ticket, you need to get in touch with Attorney Phillip Gillet.  Attorney Gillet estimates that approximately 70 to 75% of his cases receive no point offenses.  Approximately, 20 to 25% of Attorney Gillet’s traffic cases are dismissed.  A small percentage of 1 to 2% receive no deal.  Typically, these are cases where the driver has been rude or argumentative with the officer or the driver’s has a bad record.  These are results that competent local attorney can achieve.  Do not be confused with the results an out-of-area ticket mill can achieve.  Make sure you are dealing with a local attorney who will personally appear for you, not some out-of-town lawyer that goes up and down the state.

What result should you expect on your traffic or speeding ticket?

While each traffic or speeding case is different and unique, most cases are resolved favorably. The most desired result of a speeding or other traffic ticket is a dismissal.  Obviously, if the officer does not appear, in most cases the judge will dismiss the case.  To get your case dismissed, Attorney Gillet will appear on your behalf at the traffic trial and examine the officer’s written information such as the traffic ticket, radar certification and traffic engineering reports.   Of the remaining speeding or traffic cases, Attorney Gillet’s reputation and experience allow him to get your speeding or other traffic tickets to violations that are fewer points or jeopardize your license.  Of the few that go to trial Attorney Gillet’s knowlege of the law allows him to get tickets dismissed for many people that are actually guilty of the offense.

Attorney Phillip Gillet knows the traffic law and the options

You want someone who has the local Kern County experince, expertise, and education to skillfully, forcefully and intelligently beat your traffic and speeding tickets in Lamont, Taft, Shafter, Mojave, Delano, and Bakersfield.  Attorney Phillip Gillet can beat your traffic or speeding tickets.

Attorney Gillet Handles Lamont, Shafter, Delano, Mojave and Bakersfield Traffic Tickets

Attorney Gillet knows how to get the most for you. He will do his best to favorably resolve your traffic and speeding ticket. He knows what he’s doing in traffic and speeding tickets.  While traffic court may seem simple, it is highly misleading.  Many people plead guilty or are found guilty because the correct law is not brought to the attention of the traffic judge.  Mr. Gillet will not let that happen to you.  In the end, you will know your options, know that you have been effectively represented and feel that this best outcome possible beased upon your speeding and traffic ticket has been accomplished.

Attorney Phillip Gillet – The Speeding and Traffic Ticket Expert

Attorney Gillet knows how to beat Lamont, Shafter, Delano, Mojave, and Bakersfield Speeding and Other Traffic Tickets.

Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and have several points? Have you been charged with California Vehicle Code sections 22348(b), 22349, 34501.2, 34501.3?  I can appear on your behalf at the traffic trial and you will not be required to attend on most infractions and misdemeanors.  Some judge’s occasionally require defendant’s with misdemeanors to appear at the sentencing hearing, however, most do not.

If so, you are entitled to a hearing before the DMV. You will find that Attorney Gillet is often able to contest the DMV hearing and have your license reinstated.

Attorney Phillip Gillet graduated from ABA-accredited California Western School of Law, San Diego, California with a Juris Doctor in 2000.  Prior to that he completed a double major with a B.S. in Economics and Business Administration, Accounting.  In addition, he obtained a Master of Science in Accoutancy, Taxation at San Diego State University.  He has taught accouting and law at San Diego State University, San Diego City College, California State University, Bakersfield, and the University of Phoenix.

You need an expert

Attorney Gillet has the benefit of experience both before the court and on the bench. He currently serves as Judge Pro Tem for the Kern County Superior Court and has heard traffic tickets arrainments and trials in both the Bakersfield and Lamont courtrooms. He has been trained to act as a judge in traffic court and knows what it means to rule in such cases. He is completely versed in judicial procedure.

As your attorney, Attorney Gillet understands the case from the judge’s viewpoint and represents you with that knowledge in mind. In addition, he has also talked with many officers, especially officers who operate radar and laser devices. Attorney Gillet knows about the use and operation of speed detection equipment and can use this knowledge to help you in your traffic or speeding case.

Attorney Gillet will be happy to review the details or your violation and let you know what the probability of success might be in reducing the finds or eliminating your Lamont, Taft, Shafter, Mojave, Delano or Bakersfield traffic or speeding ticket altogether, if you would like a free written evaluation of your current case. Just send a copy of your speeding and traffic ticket and all pertient information including what sections are you charged with violating, your speed, and what you did by email, fax or mail and Attorney Gillet will provide a written evaluation of your case.

If you have infractions on your record or have had your license taken away for any reason, Attorney Gillet may be able to help you by having one or more of your previous violations dismissed or mitigated. You may be able to get back behind the wheel sooner than you think.

Be sure to visit the rest of our site for more useful information or give Attorney Gillet’s office a call at 661-323-3200. We’re sure you (and your record) will be glad you did.

How Much Do I Charge?

Bakersfield, CA$500.00
Shafter, Delano, Lamont, CA$600.00
Mojave, Porterville, CA$750.00
Valencia, Tulare, Visalia, CA$1,000.00
Most other CA courts$1,100.00
Add $250 to the above prices for misdemeanor traffic offenses.

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